Wilderness survival – Face to the accidents


Today, flying is a safe transport and dissemination, the accident rate is very small compared to road transport. However, when accidents are often catastrophic, the number of deaths due to many bumps or by the rescue team did not find the location of the accident soon. These accidents often occur plane in the wilderness or at sea, so the victim dies after accident caused by hunger, disease … well a lot. To limit the damage on, you must know:

When flying, you need to have some basic knowledge to be safe, comfortable and pleasant.
– Choose seats front half of the plane, near doors or exits (Emergency Exit)
– Do not eat and drink while on a plane
– Drink plenty of water on routes
– If the long haul, so try to sleep as much to adjust physiological function.
– Wear clothes wide open.
– When changing altitude aircraft, ears will feel tension undertakings (tinnitus) due to changes in air pressure, you take a deep breath and closed her mouth, nose exhaled sharply or sneezing will out .
– If you have nasal congestion, sinusitis, fever, toothache. .. Should not fly.

Usually, airplane accidents occur during takeoff and landing. But no less plane crash en route. So when on a plane, you do not too subjective but ignored the advice of the flight attendants. Consider taking behavior guidelines to meet the emergency in the front seat back pockets to see, to know how to do? You also need to know the following:

– Understanding the features and how to use life-saving equipment
– Know where the emergency exit (Emergency Exit) on the plane and how to open up
– Remember the position of the door near her place at least and even in dense smoke screen, also can be found to open up
– When there are signs of trouble, waiters will warn. Absolutely follow their advice, not arbitrarily do as you like, do not be panic, lose control … will make things worse more.
– When can report the accident, should immediately take off the glasses, remove dentures, take a sharp object, pointed at the bag to avoid self-injury. Seatbelt and sit under the guidance position (clamping head hunched between his knees, his hands laced together and embrace the beginning).
– When the accident occurred, in the cabin often smolder. You should use the towel (waterproof as possible) to cover nose and mouth. Move by squatting or bending over.
– If accidents occur during takeoff or landing (that is the plane was on the ground), the newly opened aircraft. The passenger aircraft are usually self-inflatable life-saving ladder bulging opening plane, you jump into your arms folded ladder, sliding to the ground.
– Quickly leave the aircraft (not regret luggage) because this time, the aircraft may be explosives at any time.
– If the accident occurred on routes (while flying), then drilled open but please note: Many aircraft equipped with parachute and lifebuoys. You listen carefully waiters usage guide, quick to bring umbrellas or float on people, helping others is embarrassing, bringing correctly (note to help children, women and the the elderly). When finished, the new people bring open and leave the cabin. Depending on the type of matter, with all kind of handheld, or to snatch to unwind though, or have type automatically extracting though as he fell into space, depending on the way the flight attendants directed.

So maybe you are someone who has never learned parachuting so do not know how to control the parachute. So you need to understand some basics to land safely. And to control whether the desired flight, you need to follow a careful training. As though preparing to land, you must:

– Co legs, feet close together, feet equal.
– Pull belt slack though again (as I was pulling the bar menu)
– When the feet touched the ground, the release belt though and straightened out (if they relied on the momentum of falling and falling, rolling and stood up)
– Quickly remove the matter from the people, wary of wind drag parachute and dragged you always follow.
– If you feel you are about to fall into the legs to wreak tree, police bowed chest, both arms around his head, covered his face with both arms crashing into trees wary eye.
– If you feel you are about to fall into the water (lakes, rivers, beaches …) then blow buoy swell (if the buoy blowing) or fits scuba key (if the float pneumatic)
– After landing safely, you just trying to make contact with other passengers, gathered awaiting rescue. Now is the time to promote leadership and his escape and survival.

Due to a fortuitous luck that you (and some companions) were still alive after the plane had to make an emergency landing (or fall) to a totally foreign land. First, you must be calm, quick escape out of a plane, to a safe distance, to prevent the plane catch fire.
Here we would like to open parenthesis: Once off the plane, you do not jostle, panic; as this will cause more casualties, but still did not improve the situation, maybe even make it worse. We should follow the instructions of the flight crew members or staff, trying to bring all the wounded.
Once stabilized, and felt no danger, then the new you return the plane to baggage, collect food and items needed (often equipped aircraft are varied), search the first aid kit (First Aid Kit), BAG livelihood (Survival Kit), PACK EMERGENCY (Emergency Kit), radio (Radio) …
Using the method as directed in part LOST to observe and review the situation and find a way and orientation. If you feel we are near a residential area, it is best to put some people healthy, resourceful … go there to call for help. ..
But around us is an endless wilderness, why? .. The rest assured, because usually after the accident like this, local authorities and other organizations will send the rescue team searching for. So you and gays should not leave too far hnah location of the accident (except for force majeure), as this is a highly visible target with the naked eye from the rescue aircraft. Moreover, the rest of the plane (body, wings …) is a shelter from rain and sun safety are convenient (but should certainly no longer the danger of fire and explosion yet.)
In case you fall overboard, please see adrift

Not knowing how long the rescue workers arrived, so you must be prepared to respond, because sometimes weekly, even monthly one can find you, so you must get organized to stabilize temporary life.
If you are a group, then as in the LOST, you must elect a Chief Accountant to manage all activities of the group, apart from the usual activities, as mentioned previously, the longer you have the job such as: Care wounded. Burial (if any). Search for food and drinking water … and especially to prepare the material for signal communication with rescue aircraft as: the substance of smoke, fire, light (dry grass, wood, torch …), objects reflecting sunlight (mirrors, metallic balls …), the panels, fabric or colored paper very well compared to the surrounding terrain, radio, artillery fire, smoke color …

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