Wilderness survival – Contact your plane

To search for the missing, planes or ships in distress … people often use the aircraft, because aircraft have a range of activities and extensive observation, maneuverable and fast. So you have to know some rules and how to make contacts with the following aircraft:
★ Use the radio
If you have radio and can get in touch with the very good plane, but you must know how “that no” to adjust the direction of flight, to pull them into the region. We have two cases:
1. There was no aircraft:
Aircraft case is far, can only hear the engine but can not see the aircraft (or show no apparent shape), we must try to listen to (or view) planes are viewing direction (East, West, South, North, …) in space. For example, if you hear the planes in the Southeast, then you touch, “You are in the southeast of me (my word please underline). Thus they will change the direction of flight to fly toward you until you:
2. Seeing the aircraft:
If you already see the shape of the aircraft, then you can “what not” navigate precisely in the following way:
You imagine the jet as lying on a watch: Top of aircraft is 12 hours, the tail is 6 hours, the right wing of the aircraft (or right side if the helicopter wingless) 3 hours, the left wing of the aircraft is 9 hours. From this we derive the distance of the times, such as 1-2 hours, 4-5 hours, 7-8 hours …
By convention above, you may contact the aircraft to notice your location according to the following method:
Aircraft Signals
If the plane flies by your head, when you are in the correct position under the belly of the aircraft, then shouted “bingo”, surely one would see you.
★ Use a mirror
Without radio for communication and if the sun, you can use a mirror (or pieces of metal polish) to signal to aircraft is also very effective. There are many types of reflectors:
Dedicated special mirror:
As normal mirrors fitted to the military, explorers, exploring … Mirrors with 2 sides are coated hydro, and has 1 circle approximately 2 cm in diameter, but not coated with liner shui special grid (like mosquito nets), the center of the circle, 1 of whom ye used to detect transparent targets.
When placing mirrors in the eye (facing the sun), if you look closely, you’ll see one bright spot on the grid translucent removable square the circle. That bright spot is the focal point of the mirror reflection. You just need to adjust to the dim point to targets that are identical (as aircraft, full hydraulic, people …) that you want them to see you.
Dedicated mirror often
Also shui 2 coated surface, but in between there is no grid lined circle that only 1 small hole circle or cross. When using the mirror how you put your face around 10-15 cm, facing the sun. If between you, the sun and target an angle less than 90 degrees, the sun will shine through the small hole between the mirror and the first print on your face bright dot (you can see it easily through the rear mirror) .
User mirror toward the target (through a small hole between the mirror), and adjust the mirror how to put you in the morning on the small hole between the mirrors.
If between you, the sun and objectives constitute one larger angle of 90 degrees, and you put a mirror on his palm. curl your fingers to cover about half mirror. How to sunlight reflected from mirrors to throw up his finger. Improving the horizontal surface mirror, the goal you seek through the small hole in the middle and towards the mirror mirror turned toward it, but to keep the light reflective fluke always located on the fingers (using thumb to adjust).
Ordinary mirror or a piece of metal balls:
You can use a regular mirror or a shiny piece of metal to signal to aircraft, however, you must also know how to put light reflected toward the target. To do this, one hand holding the mirror you brought up at eye level, a surface of about 20-30 cm, the other hand you straight out in front of the mirror putting two fingers make a V-shaped
Adjusting for the sunlight from overhead mirror up between two fingers that V-shaped. How to adjust the mirror reflected light is always so slowly moving two fingers toward the target until the target between two fingers caught the V
★ Notes
These methods can only be used during the day is sunny and very effective, because one can see you from great distances (20-30 km)
If no sun you have to use other methods such as smoke, fire, cannon fire … or:
Using signs:
When the aircraft had to see you, if you do not have to touch machine conversation, then you can still use manually sign, signal … to send the information, ask your:
In the case of low-flying aircraft, you can see clearly, you just touch by the defense overall effect following convention:
Using symbols
You can also use different materials such as hoardings color, fabric, trees, wood, earth, stone … coming xept pigs following signs to inform people on the plane and the need to know the news Your bridge. The colors of these materials must contrast with the color of the surrounding material and should be designed in open places to aircraft can be seen easily.
When the aircraft was seen players sign or signs, symbols of you, if not understand Aircraft pilots will fly round (on clockwise) on your head. If they will shake out aircraft wing.

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