Wilderness survival – Swamp Passing

In case you are forced to move across the marsh, then ask you to note the following points:
– Hold the cane light, long, medium-job navigation obstructions to cling when bogged down.
– Walking along the land of trees and landed on the grass, if that seen stomping ground tremble, do not step up to the detour to avoid.
– The flat ground where there is no grass, black or green moss is usually closed quagmire. Be careful.
– Absolutely not move in the swamp at night, or when rain, mist, snow dump … What now should seek shelter in dry, airtight, wait for a convenient time.
– Do not take off the backpack, raincoat …. When moving in the swamp. If sunk, these items will increase the drag as the buoy.
– If you have a companion, best to use ropes together to rescue each other.
– As to avoid the quagmire and obstacles, so you very disoriented. Must check in the locality regularly. Without geographical areas, to choose a benchmark easily seen to travel to the destination.
– Water swamp though many, but mostly undrinkable. We should collect rainwater or water in the strong currents.
– Try to keep dry clothes, because night in swamp often very cold, vulnerable due to freezing.
– If you must remain in the swamp, and you should make your way by plank, trunk, twigs, dry grass … or mark those who can walk.
Generally, the marsh is a bad place when you need to move or live. If possible, you should detour to avoid.
★ mired
If discovered two feet of you is sinking is not hastily withdraw foot or struggling, because even struggling sinking faster, the more quickly and also more attrition. The calm you use one of two methods:
Method 1
Quickly and gently leaned back, lying face upwards. Also, stretched out his hands to increase the area of ​​contact with the bog. If yes, then lined cane horizontally underneath the body.
After lying down with legs gently pulled up, used as backstroke posture slowly moving toward solid ground just passed. Reaching the top, if there are trees, grass root … it took to force that pulls people to borrow.
Careful each action one, slowly let the mud and sand have enough time to fill the gap left by the limbs or body receded.
Method 2
Stretch out your hands, tummy down, abdomen and chest pressed on mud, cane lining the chest down. Find ways to draw a leg up, shrink, which uses the entire leg rested on the marsh surface and slowly pulled the other leg up. When pulled up and two feet, then slowly crawl to as solid or as tails swimming posture. The distribution of body weight evenly.
• If there is mired companion, you should not rush recklessly rushed to the rescue, but said he backs, motionless. Then, carefully probe every step. Only when the ground beneath sure I could tolerate the new approaching the victim, throwing sticks cord or put them embrace, and with our support, put the victim to safety .
• If your feet underground is not solid, then you need to close down in order to increase the contact area before throwing cord or put sticks to them.
• If there are trees nearby, use a rope tied to a tree, throwing the other end tied to the victim or our people before rescue workers.

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