Where should You go when traveling to Yên Bái

Referring to the mention of Yen Bai Mu Cang Chai and also so many say outside Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai nothing outstanding. But if one keeps in her judgment that they must have been wrong because, Yen Bai is a convergence of many exceptional attractions. Besides the famous landmarks that we had the opportunity to introduce at the front post, Yen Bai also attracted many other interesting places that we will introduce to you shortly.
Thac Ba under both Luc Yen and Yen Binh district (Yen Bai), is one of three largest artificial lake formed when Vietnam was built Thac Ba Hydropower Plant. Lake covers approximately 20,000 hectares with over a thousand islands and mountains make up the scenery.

Thac Ba went on, we feel the fresh air among the vast shimmering surface reflecting the island seemingly endless identical messages. Not only is the scenery, the lake also contribute greatly to protect and improve the environment makes summer temperature decrease from 1 to 2 ° C increase the absolute humidity to 20% in the dry season and rainfall from 1,700 2,000 mm enabling lush vegetation.

Thac Ba hydropower projects have become an attractive tourist destination began construction in 1961 and completed in 1971. It is the first hydropower project in Vietnam. Through war and natural disasters, plant remains solid. On Thac Ba town today still majestic statue of Fame who devotedly day plant construction. The limestone mountains has created a very beautiful cave system on the lake. Thuy Tien Cave, located in the mountains about 100 meters long stone with sparkling stalactites when illuminated creating diversified including nine fairy figure each one looks in association with legendary love thrilling attractions. Dong Xuan Long hidden in mountains. Going into the cave visitors are not surprised from the first of the strange phenomenon of natural stone. The pendulous stalactites with water droplets glistening with the cool atmosphere makes people spread cheery.

Thac Ba

Cao Bien mountain is large and longest mountain landscapes of Thac Ba, can stand on the mountaintop panoramic lake engulfed in fog with shimmering beauty. Regional Lung Yen lake district has many historic Temple University reform, hang Ma-sucking, São temple, the Black Mountain King … Here the archeologists have discovered traces of Vietnam neck.

Area lakeside village retains wild character and cultural identity of ethnic Tay, Nung, Mong, Dao, Phu La, Cao Lan … Many special festivals take place, such as rice Festive Greeting New Tay held on 9-10 when the weather into lunar collection of sticky rice harvest season comes, the aroma pervades the village. In the moonlit night, jubilant festivals, dating boys and girls together pounding cereal, and each pair danced very nicely dressed. Guests will feel the lyrical tone of the Folk dance characterized mountains. Tet of Dao ethnic dance with the dance depicting the life of the community, such as transplanting rice, upland … with bold forms unique folk.
Ban Ngoi Tu culture
Ban Ngoi Tu Vu Linh Commune, Yen Binh, Yen Bai Province. As one of the many ethnic groups live, but the majority remained Dao (Dao Quan Trang), the 165km from Hanoi is located in North-West region of Vietnam, by route No. 2, QL70.

With its own characteristics, Ngoi Tu attracts tourists not only because there is a beautiful location, 1 the mainland and the other half to confront immense lake but since it is the convergence of the TV value special cultural systems of ethnic Dao, Cao Lan, Nung, in which mainly ethnic Dao white pants.

Coming to prison than to be enjoying the rustic dishes you will also be immersed in the charming scenery, captivates with the folk songs, dances: vegetarian, contact clove, strawberry traditional procession … For those who like wandering discovery can join Nest mountain trekking, mountain biking throughout Cao Bien or to explore the culture of the Dao.
Luc Yen gem
Luc Yen Cho meeting stone at a location on the corner quite beautiful shimmering lake in Yen The Town, Luc Yen, Yen Bai. Market only few meetings over a period of three hours in the morning everyday. Depending on weather and seasonal fairs take place sooner or later, but roughly from six thirty am sellers begin to market.
Goods were displayed on the table into bundles. Customers are precious stones, semi-precious stones of all kinds. There’s over manipulated, have something also to the original crude. But in what form, these goods are sold in the market are blooming shimmering. The salesman said the gems are collected by those who returned from the mountains, with time, the surface processed into stone for rings, necklaces, earrings … There are things as materials for making gemstone paintings, sold by weight, in ounces.
Nature reserve Na Hau

Nature reserve in the area of ​​4 Na Hau Commune: Na Hau, Dashan, Gold Mine, Feng Du Thuong Van Yen District, Yen Bai Province, with geographic coordinates from 21051’35 ” to 21057’00 ‘ ‘latitude North and from 104030’50’ ‘to 104036’55’ east longitude with a total area of ​​16 950 hectares planned, which, strictly protected area 7250 hectares, ecological rehabilitation area: 9,700 ha.
Na Hau area as a basin made up of narrow valleys around is surrounded by high mountains. The terrain in this fragmented form many streams and water union. The average altitude of 600 – 700m above sea level. Highest place 1.788m, the lowest place 200m. 23,20C average temperature, average rainfall of 1458.0 mm / year, 85% humidity. Every year monsoon usually appears – North in May 11 and 12 together with hoarfrost. The few sunny days, cloudy, where high mountain covered by fog all day, air humidity in huge forest. With such climatic conditions are suitable for the growth and development of natural regeneration ability of forest trees, favorable for plants and animals in this development and rich diversity, make up the structure jungle, many canopy matching watershed protection features.
In this nature reserve, evergreen broadleaf forest systems relatively intact, many slots, streams, waterfalls throughout the year. The forest structure is not broken, split canopy obvious: the top floor is the large trees intermittently raised mainly as Cho brown species, sex, fillings …; the middle tier is storey ecological advantages, continuous forest canopy is nearly equal, under the evergreens like Shampoo, De, Gie …; downstairs classified into many different high and low grades, mainly small trees shade-loving; Fresh carpet floors are mostly shrubs, ferns, forest Cau …; Currently natural forests remain on 30 different plant species, including valuable timber species such as Lat Hoa, Fokienia … developed mainly at an altitude of 700m or more. The fauna in the reserve is diverse and many rare species still be preserved and conserved. Mostly also mammals such as fox, Civet, forest pigs, snakes … and some birds. Besides, people here are mainly ethnic Hmong and Dao with the cultural beauty as peculiar ethnic costumes and housing … has been kept quite original. Na Hau is quite appropriate for the group you love trekking, camping or exploring nature.
Vestiges Dai Cai

Relic temple in Tan Dai Cai Institute, Luc Yen District, Yen Bai City and about 80km, including the family of Ben Rolling, Black Y terracotta temples, temples long, one and a beach house surrounded Vote Equestrian cavalry training.
This population is below the cliff king black, the right hand is the flowing river, before long, one is spring. These gods are worshiped here are those who have made public painted plaster, expand markets, created villages, streets. Temples from Le dynasty excuse, because people total Lam Truong Ha built to worship Vu Ngoc Anh, the daughter of a house servants Le Mac Dynasty was killed. She is a celebrity, is responsible for the progressive building up the city, established markets. In addition, the house has two brothers church Vu Van Password and Vu Van Uyen instrumental in fighting the Mac military. Cai Dai Temple, Ben Rolling home has beautiful architecture, there is enough of worship like incense bowl copper, gilded throne church, started with carved wood four-quarter-quarter as expected only, yellow heart, the core life , orientation. In particular, the family stone column list, column temples carved moon, lotus leaf threads, each weighing more than 100 kg platform. Temple had fried copper, brass bell, which ordained by King and King Tu Duc Canh Phong. The temple has massive architecture, the foundation foot millet large column diameter to 45 cm, 32 cm small to support the armpit column, column comfortable. The feet are touching base regularly 16 lotus petals around. Here also find Buddha lotus pedestal, earthenware, porcelain bowls, porcelain vases decorated with enamel ivory lotus stretch characteristic of the Tran dynasty art. At the foot of the mountain, in the valley strip extends parallel to the river flowing traces have remained of the temple and the walls of a building ground to surround. Beach train cavalry horse racing in the right front of Ben Roll Family.
Ho Chop Whatever
Although Ho Chop fresh air, pristine landscape but full of romance

In Cuong Thinh commune, Tran Yen district, Yen Bai province has a very beautiful lake, romantic and quiet. An interesting place for people to explore nature or rest, recreation, fishing and enjoying the fresh air, pristine landscape but full of romantic natural gift – the Ho Chop Whatever.

Located lumbar mountain, lake 16 ha wide Chop Although surrounded lake scenery with more diverse ecological niches interspersed with natural forests. Blue lake water here, calm, reflecting swathes.
Rhyme War Zone
War Zone is still a relatively large land area, located in the South and Southeast Tran Yen district Van Chan district. Prior to 1945, War Zone in Yunnan province’s total is 3: Liang Ge, World Session (placebo) and the General Calendar of Van Chan with distance from north to south is 23km and 18km from east to west.
Pursuant Revolutionary War-style broad-scale areas while 2 region is the most important village Dong Yeng Rhymes and villages.

Rhymes valley village is surrounded by mountains with an average altitude of 200 to 500m, the valley has a length of 4.5 km, road travel is difficult, today is structured with foot terraces, after fellow revolutionary mining (with low deviation) is now called Dong Games, Copper Tree Rice … with tiling along the village. It is the confluence of three small children to form nib nibs Rhymes. Rugged terrain, ancient only a single path to the village and to go through the pass. Newly re-fit discreetly near the political center (Yen Bai province two – Phu Tho), the region has already been authorized Tonkin origin chosen to facilitate the establishment revolutionary base has grown tissue formation style image of war.

Van Dong Yeng village about 4 km from the village to the east and Hien Luong than 3 km to the west. As the village is located between Van and Hien Luong. Having positioned, shaped hill Dong Yeng raspberries should be partisan Au selected as military training center to develop the armed forces to prepare for the general uprising to seize power and revolution in Yen Bai Phu-Tho.

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